SerpentFactions Guide

Detailed guide and very useful for them who are interested regarding our server.
Welcome to the Official SerpentFactions Guide! Here you will find every information regarding our server. Release for our first faction realm happened at 15th of September with our special features and tons of exclusive events during the entire season. SerpentFactions is the final frontier for faction servers in the Minecraft community. Built from a foundation of the most skilled developers and staff team, we will quickly climb to the top in terms of higher quality community engagement for the ultimate experience for our players. We’ll have a large amount of content to assure there’s always something new to dive right into. ● IP Adress: ● Website: ● Discord: ● Store: ● Twitter: ● Instagram: Follow SerpentFactions everywhere you go! Remain updated through the entire process leading up to release at our discord. How to play SerpentFactions? This is a short tutorial on how to get started! Factions are a self serve anti griefing system. Leaders control who can edit their faction land. Factions are also about diplomacy and war. You declare wars and forge alliances. You fight over land and manage your monetary expenses. To create your faction use/f create <name> in-game, invite your teammates by typing /f invite <player> and start your journey.
The best thing to do at the begining is to farm, make money to upgrade your faction's strength, and climb on the FTOP ladder.
Find a place you think will be good to build your base so you can protect your precious loot/items to expand your side. The first week where the grace period running, you have the timeframe to plant yourself some crops and sell them to the /shop. This is the easiest way to make some basic money. Some special tools that the server contains allow you to sell and crop your farm (Harvest Hoe, Sellwands). By voting and opening some crates you have the opportunity to gain them. After a lot of farming, its time to improve your base build. There is an easy way to build up your base walls very convenient and fast. We got a feature called Gen Buckets, that allows you to generate walls with specified blocks only by using a bucket. These generators will create cobblestone, obsidian and sand as well. You can find them to /gen or /shop. Once you are happy with your base build/size it's time to make some money.
Once you are established you can even buy a mob spawner to increase your income. Placing rare blocks such as diamond blocks will grant you some faction value, this is useful if you want to compete for faction top! By upgrading and buying the best mob spawners, building the ideal grinder for each mob allows you to sustain yourself and possibly make you some profit. You can now go crazy! Carry your armor, pick up your weapon, or build up your heavy artillery (cannon) and raid your opponents. The faction that will last stand and remain on the faction top list will win at real-life money prices. Every week there will be given specific rewards to the top factions! Now your all set!
That was a summary tutorial for the SerpentFactions community. Join our server and learn further information about the gameplay of the server. There are a lot of extra features where they haven't been mentioned on the article, to keep you excited for the server. We hope to see you at the release of our server.
Last modified 2yr ago