SerpentFactions Altair Map 2.0
There once was a powerful and enormous place where most of the galaxy's wealth, power, and population are concentrated. This is the legendary so called Altair star. Many spices from different places around the galactic circle used to travel through major interstellar civilizations to get through, since it is surrounded by fields, so it can be fully protected.

Official Release on Saturday, October 31st, at 15:00 EST

Map Information 3 Weeks Map ● 1 Week Grace Period ● 2 Weeks Raid
Weekly Payouts Faction Top 1st: $40 PayPal & $60.00 Buycraft 2nd: $20 PayPal & $40.00 Buycraft 3rd: $20.00 Buycraft Sugarcane Top 1st: $25.00 Buycraft 2nd:$15.00 Buycraft 3rd: $10.00 Buycraft

General Information

● 10 Man Factions ● FAlts: 50 Max Alts ● 12 Hours Shield ● 1 Ally ● 20 Chunk Buffers ● Cannoning Speed: 3 Seconds ● Sugarcane Economy


Main Spawn (Overworld) 2,500 x 2,500 (PvP World) Warzone 800 x 800 End World 2,500 x 2,500 (Y 41 Sandstone) Warzone 350 x 350 Nether World 2,500 x 2,500 (Y 41 Netherrack) Warzone 350 x 350 Drylands World 2,500 x 2,500 (Y 41 Red Sandstone) Warzone 500 x 500

PvP Events

KOTH It will be occurring two KOTH Events every week, which will last 5 minutes to capture and win the rewards. The rewards will be given to the leaders of the victorious faction. It will be an ancient piece of item, that can be used to access the Intergalactic Package. Reward: Intergalactic Key Possible Rewards:
OUTPOST The perfect place to camp and fight against other players until you start earning money and rewards! Contains default and physical areas, appropriate for any battle situation. Only factions can capture the outposts. Currently, we got 2 outposts that will be always active! Oblivion Outpost Access to /Oblivion Extra Damage +20% Lunar Outpost Low Orbit Faction Satellite TNT Fill Command ENVOY Envoy will drop 50 crates randomly in the warzone around the spawn, once claimed you will receive a random reward. There is 10 seconds cooldown between the chest openings.

Other PVP Information

Hidden recipe God Apple 1 Minute Golden Apple Cooldown 15 Second Enderpearl Cooldown