These are the official rules of SerpentFactions. If you caught breaking these rules you will be punished accordingly!
These are the basic server rules and are subject to change at any time. They will also be updated if any changes are made.
    If you are banned/muted, do not evade the punishment.
    Do not use a Hacked Client of any kind.
    Overall toxicity will be punished.
    Releasing personal information through any SerpentFactions resource is not allowed. This includes posting any personal information which is public without consent, you may only post information about yourself and nobody else. Furthermore, this includes using a picture of another player as your profile picture.
    No DDoSing / DOXing or Swatting
    Staff cannot scam / inside / or give you false information. (If done, report it immediately to a Head Staff).
    Block glitching is not allowed.
    The use of Bot accounts to do tasks for you will result in a permanent ban
    Exploiting a glitch, bug, or unfair method to gain an advantage over other players is not allowed.
    Charge backs will result in a permanent ban with no option to appeal.
    Using scripts or macros to gain an advantage is not allowed. This includes any form of auto-clicking.
    Lying to any Staff Member and providing fake evidence will result in a punishment.
    No impersonating redeemable items.
    Deletion of evidence before or during a Screen share will result in a punishment.
    Using an illegal cannon or method to raid someone will result in a punishment. (Refer to the faction rules).
    Cobble Monstering and/or Oceaning will result in a temp ban.
    Players making lag machines will be punished.
    Hacking another player's account will result in a permanent ban and a blacklist.
    IRL Trading is not allowed if it involves items on the store or in-game. In addition, IRL Trading involving items on the store and/or in-game for IRL money, Paypal, BitCoin, CSGO or any other methods is not allowed
    IRL Scamming is punishable if it involves items on the store and in-game. We are not responsible for punishing for IRL Scamming if it involves items and/or payment methods not listed as we do not allow IRL trading with these involved.
    Purposefully creating lag EG dropping a significant amount of entities in a small area at spawn
    All modified clients not mentioned as one of the following are strictly forbidden (Allowed: PvPLounge, BadLion, Default Versions)
    In-siding, greifing or stealing items from another player without there permission will result in a punishment if proven guilty.
    Freezing your Minecraft is not allowed and will result in a temp ban.
    Fly-boost of any client is not allowed.
Chargeback Charge back bans are final. Please keep that into consideration. If another player purchased an item for you and you were charged back on, appeal and the situation will be looked into. Unbans are not guaranteed. In case, someone buys from the store any product with your name please keep proof in case of a misunderstanding.
Reports We will not accept any edited evidence. We also do not accepted evidence that has been left unreported until a certain time. Any evidence for bans mutes or anything below that must be reported within three days of the incident. Any black-list offence must be reported within 7 days of the incident with the evidence shown. The only exception to this rule is built up cases for example, evidence collected to create a harassment profile against a player. General Rules The following are not allowed and will result in a punishment:
    Spam of any kind (symbol, letter, phrase, etc.)
    Racial & Homophobic Slurs
    Excessive Swearing
    Aggressive Player Disrespect
    Unrelated to SerpentFactions links
    Server Disrespect
    Staff Disrespect
    Promoting Spam
    Faking Messages
    Inappropriate Links & Symbols
    Encouraging Suicide
    Death Threats / Wishes / Wishes Jokes
    Inappropriate Faction Names
    Asking for Buy-craft Items
    Server IPs or IPs or any kind
    IRL Trading
    IRL Scamming
    DDoS / DOX / SWAT Threats / SWAT Jokes
    Advertising of any kind
    Phishing Links
    Inappropriate IGNs & Skins
    Inappropriate Comments
    Impersonating Staff
    Releasing Personal Information
    Sexual Harassment
    Creating Spam
Allowed Modifications If caught with a Hacked Client and or modification not listed below, you will be issued a punishment. If you believe a modification should be on this list, message a Head Staff.
    Lunar Client
    bspkrs core
    Armor Status
    Potion Effect
    Direction HUD
    Badlion Client
    Cosmic Client
    Mini Maps (Without Radar or Entities)
    Schematics (Printer is included)
    Kohi TCP NoDelay
    Console Client
    Chunk Borders
    CPS Mods
    Keystrokes Mods
    Replay Mods
    Scoreboard Mods
    Oq Bots (Allowed only for AFK)
    Multi Bot (Allowed only for AFK)
    TNT Breadcrumbs
    Falcun Client
Staff Rules If you see any of these rules broken, please create a Staff Report with proof.
    Swearing in any chat
    Using their title to get an advantage
    Leaking any Staff Chats or private information
    Misuse of their permissions
    If a player becomes a moderator and above while leading a faction, the faction will be disbanded and all its value and land will be removed
Breaking any of these rules will result in a punishment-based off of the Staff Guidelines. Head Staff are allowed to break off of these rules to issue a punishment if they see fit. If you think anything should be added, please contact us via discord.​
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