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Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher is a weapon that allows you to raid your foes, or even to kill them. Depending on the rocket-propelled projectile you carry, rocket launcher could be one of the most deadly weapon of the server, when it comes to a player or.. base walls. It is an extra way of raiding system, it could even replace one of the best cannon. Although as glorious weapon it seems, as harder is to find ammunition to shoot. The trajectory of these rockets are affected by gravity but they will travel in a straight line for a long distance until exploding on contact with any surface or player. The launcher can hold up to four loaded rockets and fires them as projectiles. Rockets inflict damage in a set splash radius- damage inflicted decreases the further the distance from the center of the explosion. Players are not able to shoot with rockets if they are inside water although specific ammo can penetrate through water and walls.
Rocket Launcher
Regular Rocket Ammo Regular ammo are used to shoot a destructive missile that has large blast radius.
Explosive Rocket Ammo Explosive ammo are used to shoot a giant missile that creates a big land of destruction when it hits the ground.
Penetrative Rocket Ammo Penetrative ammo are used to shoot a deadly missile that can pierce through obsidian walls.
Homing Rocket Ammo Homing ammo are used to shot 3 missiles that start to follow the nearest players after 3 seconds of release.

Void Grenade

Void grenades are used to shoot a grenade that drags everyone within its radius to the center and explodes after a short amount of time.

Low Orbit Faction Satellite

Low orbit faction satellite is a shield for your faction claim to protect them from raiding. It disable explosions in the faction territory if the satellite is under their control. The only way to get recovered of its control is to camp the Lunar outpost, which is available in limited periods and only one faction at a time could own it. Once you do you can go in the center of your base and use /f setbase to protect your base for 25x25 chunks.

Electromagnetic Pulse

An electromagnetic pulse, capable of destroying susceptible electronic equipment over a wide area. It jammes satellite's frequency. It can be placed only in faction land that owns the Low Orbit Faction Satellite.

Sand Bot

What is it? SandBots are advanced minecraft factions bots that place sand, eliminating the use of sand alts and preventing entirely the lag of triggering the block place event. However, factions can now generate sand quickly and efficiently for a sand compactors on their cannon!
How is it works? Place it in your faction land, where the cannon has been build. You should place a lapis lazuli blocks on the sand compressor of your cannon to toggle on the bot, but before that you have to deposit an amount of your balance to the bot. After all, underneath of the lapis lazuli blocks the sand will start fall.
You can place only 2 faction bots as faction, use /f sandbots to check where the bots have been placed.
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